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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Thank you so much for your consideration in providing your customers The Enchanted Wik Candle Company products. All of our candles and wax melts are handmade from 100% coconut soy wax. Please feel free to send any questions to
Terms and Conditions of Sale
All wholesale transactions made by The Enchanted Wik Candle Company to your business are governed by these Terms and Conditions of Sale unless otherwise indicated by The Enchanted Wik Candle Company in writing. Please review this information prior to making any purchases. Any purchases made are considered acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.
Pricing & Discounts
The Enchanted Wik Candle Company strives to provide a pricing model that is beneficial to your business. As such, profit margins related to the suggested retail pricing will never go below 30%. Please reference most current pricing sheets to see specifics on profit margins for the various products. To ensure that our customers are receiving a consistent buying experience, we ask that your pricing never go below the suggested retail pricing recommended by The Enchanted Wik Candle Company. These prices are reflected on the pricing sheet. You are welcome to charge for more than the suggested retail pricing at your discretion. Any discounts that we offer our customers will be made available for you to offer your customers as well per your discretion. Any such discounts will be highlighted in the pricing sheet.
Delivery & Shipping
Buyer is responsible for any associated shipping fees. The Enchanted Wik Candle Company partners with various carriers to ensure cost is kept to a minimum. Orders are processed within 10-14 business days which allows for the two week curing time candles require. However, orders exceeding a quantity of 200 will be subject to potential delays upon which we will communicate directly with you estimated time of delivery to ensure we meet your business needs.
Minimum Order Quantities
The Enchanted Wik Candle Company asks that all orders be a minimum quantity of 12. 
Payment Terms
The Enchanted Wik Candle Company will ship orders after payment is received in full, or a minimum of half the amount due is received. If the latter option is selected, then the second half of the amount would be due upon delivery of products.
We want your business to be successful with the addition of our products in your storefront. Should you encounter a product line that is not selling, we will gladly exchange it for another product line of the same value. You would be responsible for safely shipping back to us and any associated costs. However, The Enchanted Wik Candle Company will assume all responsibility to ship replacement products back to you.
Refunds & Returns
Although we do not anticipate any issues with our products, if you are unhappy with any of the products you receive, The Enchanted Wik Candle Company will provide you with a refund for any products you return that are not damaged, used or burned. Please note that this is valid within 30 days of receipt of any product.
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