About Our Candles


  • We use 100% US harvested soy wax.  No blends found here.  We chose to use soy wax not only because it burns longer, but burns cleaner because it is derived from soybeans, therefore it is also better for the environment.  Soy wax does not contain pollutants and is less likely to trigger allergies.  Only the best for our candle enthusiast!
  • Soy wax burns 5-7 hours for every fluid ounce of wax.  See the chart below for our estimated burn times.
6 fl oz Tin  30+ hours
8 fl oz Jar  40+ hours
14 fl oz 3 Wick Jar  70+ hours



  • Our fragrances are 100% oil with no additives or cheap diluents.  We hand selected each fragrance to ensure there is a scent to please everyone.